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The real alternative to Photoshop comes to Mac


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The firm Serif has developed an efficient photo editor that offers a proper alternative to Adobe Photoshop, the leading application for more than 15 years in the photo editing industry. Its developers describe Affinity Photo as a program aimed at designers and photography professionals, but it can be used by anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge on the subject.

Affinity Photo lets you professionally edit and manipulate any photo – and at a much lower price than its main competitor – without giving up any of the essential features and effects you need to apply your creativity to your images.

The program is structured like other similar tools, with a single central space where you can see your images and a huge array of features on both sides of the interface and upper bar. Besides many more options, Affinity Photo lets you use masks, layers, dozens of different filters, cloning, blurring, specific corrections, transparency, shading, red eye correction, and much more.

Affinity Photo also uses most of Photoshop's same keyboard shortcuts, and even lets you work with vector files, though you can also rasterize them if you want to transform them into bitmaps.

In short, this program offers a real alternative to take into account, since for a much lower price (less than 60 dollars), it offers the same virtues and possibilities as the ever-popular Adobe software.

Trial version is completely functional for 10 days.

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